It had taken Mauve almost an entire standard year to get a table at the restaurant—Invasion, a trendy new pop-up on a rapidly gentrifying moon—but she had, after greasing the vines of the Boscan maître d’ with six months’ supply of top-grade, uncut compost, at last secured a table for herself and her soon-to-be symbiote, Teal . . .

Flash Fiction: Podcasted in 600 Second Saga — December 13, 2017  [text]

The Most Reasonable House in Faerie

“Tobias,” my dear friend Loosestrife said to me one afternoon as I perched on his drawing-room mantelpiece contentedly smoking my pipe. “I have, of late, as you well know, gone up in the world. My investments are yielding excellent returns, the cloud-mining venture alone has brought me enough wealth to build this magnificent stately brugh, and my trousers have never been finer . . .”

Short Story: First published in Deep Magic — August 2017

Master Peaseblossom’s Fireworks

Master Peaseblossom sits alone in his dark workshop. It is a haggard, wheezing old thing: The walls sag beaten and bruised black; the floor, half-drowned in clutter, struggles to catch its breath beneath the heavy odour of saltpetre and sulphur that hangs over it like an old London fog . . .

Flash Fiction: First published in Stupefying Stories SHOWCASE — April 5, 2017

The Greyhound

“Why is your skirt wet?” The question never comes, though I often expect it.

On the Greyhound, everyone’s interested in each other’s secrets. You don’t get this sort of thing on a regular commuter bus—or so I hear from my sisters who spend more time on land than I do. But on the Greyhound, nothing is sacred . . .

Flash Fiction: First published in Daily Science Fiction June 21, 2016