Flash fiction; podcasted in 600 Second Saga, Dec 2017 {listen free} {text version}

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The Most Reasonable House in Faerie

Short story; first published in Deep Magic, Aug 2017 {buy the issue}

“Absolutely delightful from the very first sentence. Well-to-do gentlemen fae, well-constructed satire, and a surprise ending. Delicious. (5 stars)Casie (Goodreads)

“Shining glimmers of humor. A fun read! Faeries of a rather refined class approach a golem project with great alacrity—& w/ a twist!” D.A. Xiaolin Spires

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Master Peaseblossom’s Fireworks

Flash fiction; first published in Stupefying Stories SHOWCASE, Apr 2017 {read}

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The Greyhound

Flash fiction; first published in Daily Science Fiction, Jun 2016 {read}

“Very well done piece of flash.” Sandra Odell

I have a particular weakness for selkie stories. I love that it is never spelled out in this one, but little hints and pieces of the seal nature are provided throughout. The whole was put together beautifully.” Brinsley Gale