The Author

Dafydd McKimm writes speculative fiction: fantasy, sci-fi, horror–anything that treads the boundaries between the real and the fantastical.

He is originally from Wales but now lives in Taiwan with his wife and pet dragon (for dragon, read cat), where he is a member of the Taiwan Fantasy & Sci-Fi Writers’ Group.

The Site

I love writing stories. It’s my favourite thing. I also want people to be able to read the things that I write (rather than have them mouldering in a desktop folder). This site, then, is meant as a kind of gallery space for my short stories. You can search for stories by length (flash fiction, short story, novella etc.), depending on how much time you have to read; or, if you have a genre or theme that you prefer, by tag. Some of the stories I write I send out to magazines, and those stories may be added to the site as they finish doing their submission rounds or, for those that get picked up, when the period of exclusivity granted to the magazine ends. In short: here be stories…